Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sort-Of Homemade Birthday Cake

Tuesday was my dad's birthday- he turned 49 again......weird!!

He is definitely responsible for my sweet tooth, because when I asked what kind of cake he wanted he said "chocolate on chocolate".  DONE AND DONE! 

Here is what I did for this sort-of homemade cake:
- Baked 1 box of Duncan Hines chocolate fudge cake and split it in half horizontally
- Utilized 2 cans of Duncan Hines whipped chocolate frosting, and frosted the middle and outside of the cake
- Bought a bunch of my dad's favorite junk food (i.e Oreos, mini kit kats, and chocolate chunk cookies) to decorate (I added Oreos in the middle layer with the frosting and decorated the outside of the cake with the kit kats, cookies and some sprinkles)

Super healthy right?!?!

Happy Birthday Faja!!